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Focus on Winter

Focus on Winter

Winter is considered a season of conservation, introspection and storage. It is associated with the
water element, the kidney and bladder organs. It channels and corresponds with energetic qualities
of yin, coldness and stillness.

Chinese medicine emphasises the importance of adapting to seasonal changes and living in harmony
with nature.

  • By protecting the nourishing of the kidneys. Keeping the lower back and abdomen warm and avoiding exposure to cold and damp.
  • By promoting circulation and warmth with regular exercise.
  • By consuming warming foods and drinks such as nourishing and hearty soups stews, and broths. Eating well, eating seasonally and eating warm easy to digest foods supports the immune system.
  • By balancing rest and activity. It is important to maintain enough time for rejuvenation.
  • By getting enough sleep and managing stress
  1. Boost the immune system
  2. Support the kidneys
  3. Regulate body temperature
  4. Support emotional well-being
  5. Aid to prevent and recover faster from winter
    conditions. Colds, flu, congestion, joint pain.

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